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Exacon manufactures and distributes ventilation, heating, cooling, feeding, lighting and air filtering products across Canada. We provide a unique, single source, convenient one stop shopping approach.


BRAND NAMES offered include;

MULTIFAN exhaust fans (vertical or horizontal mount), AGRIFAN exhaust fans (series “M” and “LP” ), VARIFAN electronic controls, GENIUS electronic controls and the NEW ITOUCH control models with touch screen. We also carry BETTER AIR ventilation, FLOWRITE wall and ceiling inlets, TPI wall inlets, LB WHITE heaters, MID WEST Infra-Red radiant heaters, BETTER AIR and RECOV-AIRE heat recovery units, CRYSTAL SPRING feeders and PORT-a-COOL portable evaporating cooling units.

Other ventilation related products include various styles of recirculation fans/basket fans, light trap/dark outs, chimney fans, chimney risers, duct fans, temperature/humidity recorders, NORLOCK PVC planking and SOLARWALL air heating systems.


Exacon is also the Canadian distributor for J&D MANUFACTURING.

J&D offers various products for the dairy market  (livestock waterers and lighting) as well as ventilation products for the poultry and greenhouse markets. Examples include 72” Mega Storm, Wall Master galvanized box fans, ES Shutter fans, basket fans, ceiling fans, portable drum fans and WhirlWind circulation fans.


Exacon offers a full line of ventilation for the Commercial, Industrial and Horticultural markets consisting of exhaust fans, cooling products, circulation fans (including VOSTERMANS Greenhouse Fan and the NEW 

V-FloFan designed in Holland), MULTIFAN and J&D basket fans, inflation fans, electronic controls and LB WHITE heaters (THERMA GROW greenhouse heaters and the TRADESMAN portable heaters).


Exacon is constantly working to add and develop innovative products to maintain our leading edge. Examples of recent product additions are; CLARCOR Air filtering system. This system is designed to help protect your livestock from the PRRS (Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome) Virus.

MULTIFAN V-FloFan circulation fan (for greenhouses), TPI inlets (a high quality fully insulated inlet from Europe), NORLOCK *NEW* 30”x1.5” Nursery plank, 20”x7/8” Creep plank, 39.4”x1-3/8” Finishing plank and PVC feed and water pipes. We also have redesigned the heat exchange core in our Recov-aire exchange units for easy cleaning and increased the thickness of our Agrifan winter panels (with a new frame profile which includes double weather-stripping) to prevent heat loss and air leakage.


This website contains information outlining our wide range of products and accessories available. We carry a large inventory of products in order to deliver your orders when required.


If you would like additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team;

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Toll free 1-866-335-1431                   Email Larry Denomme (Sales Manager) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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